What is Slim-Full?

Slim-Full makes you feel comfortably full for longer whilst dieting.

It is a highly effective slimming aid, ideal both for those wanting to lose a couple of pounds and for treating obesity. Slim-Full is available without prescription.

Slim-Full is clinically proven to help you to maintain a healthy balanced diet, prevent over-eating and therefore helping to achieve substantial weightloss.

How does Slim-Full work?

  • Slim-Full expands in the stomach, making you feel comfortably full, but not 'stuffed', with less food.

  • Slim-Full reduces the rate of food absorption; food stays in the stomach for longer, maintaining that comfortably full feeling for longer.

  • Slim-Full helps you to reduce your portion sizes and stick to a planned, healthy, balanced diet.

Is Slim-Full right for me?

Slim-Full was developed for treating those who are mildly or extremely overweight. It is available without prescription to anyone who is overweight, or wants to lose weight.

Do you find it difficult to maintain the same weight or stick to a diet because you are often hungry or resort to snacks? Slim-Full can help you to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and lose a substantial amount of weight in a safe and controlled manner.

Slim-Full is not recommended for use by children under the age of 10 or people with a BMI of <19.


Slim-Full helped me to regain control of my waistline in a healthy and controlled manner.
Harry Smith, Slim-Full user for 5 weeks.
I was amazed at how easy it was to stick to my diet with the help of Slim-Full. I never went hungry!
Julie Backer, Slim-Full user for 6 weeks.
Slim-Full helped me to lose 4 stone and keep it off!
Mrs. Macdonald, Slim-Full user for 10 weeks.